Gardening Binder (150 Pages)

Gardening Binder (150 Pages)

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Are you a gardener or a wannabe gardener? If you are then you'll love having a printable binder set up to record your journey.

Having a place to write down your notes and plans for your dream garden is very helpful. Because this will help you keep track of what you planted and how much you are spending on plants and seeds.

It will help you when you start your second garden because you will have handy notes all in one place that tells you exactly what you did the year before, what seeds you have leftover, and a list of seeds and plants you want to buy.

This will save you so much time and energy, not to mention money on seeds. You won't rebuy the seeds you already have on hand when you have a list to go to each year.

My Gardening Binder will be a big help you stay organized and focused allowing you to have a successful garden each and every year!

This is perfect to help keep track of your gardening journey. And both printable and digital. 

It will help you keep track of all the seeds you have on hand and the ones you want to purchase.

You can print and make a new binder for each year. That way you can have a record of how each season is working out.

Maybe you had problems with one plant in your garden and you want to remember what you did to fix it for next year's crop. No worries, you have It all recorded in your gardening binder for easy reference.

This gardening binder will help you plan out your next garden over the winter months, so you'll be ready for next season.

Gardening Binder (150 Pages)

Title: Gardening Printable Binder

(150 Pages) Gardening Binder

You'll receive:

This 150-page Printable Gardening Binder, includes gardening binder cover, planning pages, and more including: 

  • Cover
  • Belongs to page
  • Monthly harvest calendar
  • Gardening projects
  • Produce budget
  • Garden wish list
  • Garden budget
  • Seedlings
  • Weekly to do
  • Pest control
  • Sow page
  • Seed inventory
  • Seed purchase
  • Garden organizer
  • Succession sowing
  • Harvest tracker
  • Crop rotation
  • Growing
  • Seed packet info
  • Sq Ft Garden
  • Plant list
  • ...and more!

Size of Journal 8 1/2 x 11

Instant Download (Nothing will be Shipped)

Personal Use Only

Take a look inside to see what you get!